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I am writing to you today regarding The Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act (H.R.5735) which will prioritize efforts to support access to primary and secondary education for displaced children with a specific focus on the inclusion of women and girls in foreign assistance programs. Women and girls in these vulnerable settings are often disproportionately denied access to education, which can hinder their ability to find jobs, engage in civil society and access other economic opportunities.

As a young adult, I struggled to earn a degree and have struggled even more in finding employment due to my role as military spouse and mother of twins. However, my “struggles” are nothing when compared to the girls who are living in other countries where they are not given the opportunity to receive an education in order to be able to become something other than just housewives and mothers! I chose my role as a housewife and mother, a large number of women living in other parts of the world have not. I have had the privilege of being born in the United States, where girls are able to learn with no obstacles to hold them back. I cannot imagine my daughters’ growing up in a place where their chance at an education is hindered due to their gender.  I want great things for my children and I know they will be able to access that by receiving an education. We can play a role in providing this same opportunity to displaced children around the world, please support this bill which will prioritize efforts to support access to primary and secondary education to these children and give them a chance to improve their quality of life!

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