FlexJobs (from WAHM Journey)

FlexJobs (Why this site is great: FlexJobs has a team who “are specifically looking for the professional, legitimate jobs that offer some kind of flexibility – telecommuting, part-time or flextime schedules, or freelance contracts. When our researchers find a job listing that appears promising, they research the company for legitimacy.“)

I found out about this website through a Forbes.com article so I figured it had to be a good place to start! The secret to this website is if you go to their website and create an account, they will send you a 30% off coupon within a few days to complete the registration process. I ended up paying around $35 for 12 month access to their website. I’m still exploring the site along with what tools it has to offer, but while I’m working on that, I will say that so far, this website lives up to the hype. The jobs that I’ve seen so far are actually great jobs that offer excellent pay. From sales, seasonal and administrative to cyber security and CEO’s, this site really does offer a great range of REAL opportuntities.download


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