My venture into cloth diapering – choosing the best fit for me

One of the first things I knew I wanted to do once I found out I was having twins was use cloth diapers. With a tight budget and two babies to worry about, cloth diapering is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.

My sister used cloth diapers on her son and I was initially interested because she said that he never got diaper rash, which she credited to the use of cloth diapers vs disposable. Once I made up my mind about cloth diapers being what I wanted to use for my children, I started the buying process, which I’ll try to make it as simple as possible:


Before I realized what OS (one size diapers which can pretty much be used from birth until your baby no longer needs diapers) I purchased newborn cloth diapers. I’m actually really glad I got these though because the newborn diapers have Velcro tabs while the OS diapers that I use use several button closures. I don’t mind the buttons but I think they would have made changing diapers on my newborn infants a bit more difficult (the Velcro diapers were faster to put on).

I will warn/advise that the expense to get started on cloth diapering is rough, but in the long run, it will be worth it – maybe (I almost forgot about the wash routine so read my next post to learn more about that)

I ended up going with Kawaii diapers, which are made in China. I really liked these diapers, I never had any leakage problems or blow outs (the blow outs, or “poopsplosions” as we like to call them, only happen when I use disposable diapers). I purchased them around Thanksgiving, it wasn’t Black Friday, but the promotion was the same when I purchased them as the Black Friday promo.

I got between 20 – 24 diapers with free shipping for a total of about $115! The prints change but there are some pretty cute ones to choose from, here is the link for the diapers I started with:

Kawaii Baby 20 Pure and Natural Cloth Diapers

One Size Diapers:

Once my girls started to outgrow the Kawaii diapers, I decided on Charlie Banana OS cloth diapers. To be honest, I only tried Bumkins and Thirsties brands before Charlie Banana; both the Bumkins and Thirsties had very little absorbency – my girls aren’t heavy wetters (at least I don’t think they are) but they would soak through both brands in about an hour. With the Charlie Banana diapers, diaper changes are more spaced out, as they should be, and I have never had any leakage issues.

The BEST way I found to purchase these is on eBay. I found several brand new boxes (one box contains six diapers and 12 inserts) at half price (between $55 – $65) they were described as Open Box and when they arrived, some of them weren’t even open! There are also people who attempt cloth diapering but choose not to who sell practically new diapers as well. I also took advantage of Charlie Banana’s Black Friday sale, getting between 10% – 30% off diapers.


I haven’t had the chance to find the best overnight option so my girls do wear disposable overnight – I’m getting ready to start testing overnight options soon though! We use Seventh Generation Touch of Cloth diapers – my favorite of the “all natural brands.” Honest Co diapers are okay but I don’t really like the fit – in my opinion, they run a bit small. I have also tried Bambo diapers, which were also very good in terms of absorbency, however, the tabs weren’t the most reliable and they would get a mushy(?) feeling once they were wet. The Seventh Generation have been the best all around for our family; they fit great, the tabs stick well and the absorbency is excellent.

Finally, regarding purchasing used cloth diapers, it’s not something I did – however, it is commonly done. Here is a website I found that is actually a Craigslist type site for cloth diapering:

Diaper Swappers – An Online Community of Cloth Diapering Sharing Tips

Accessories (wet bags, toilet accessories) and products that are safe to use with cloth diapers (diaper rash products and wash routines) are covered on another post for any readers who might need some guidance in those categories, thanks so much for reading!


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